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Our success stories ❤️

The "Our Success Stories" page showcases our software company's impressive project portfolio, featuring a range of transformative solutions we've delivered to clients. These narratives encompass diverse industries and highlight our expertise and teamwork. They serve as an inspiring testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation, encouraging potential partners and clients to embark on their own success stories with us.

Please take into account that a lot of our work is subject to non-disclosure agreements; therefore, certain details have been withheld.

chouette couture logo


Chouette Couture

We were responsible for developing the complete digital presence for Chouette Couture, which encompassed design, email, website creation, and various other aspects.

The initial phase of the process involved logo creation, with the design department actively participating. After numerous iterations and consultations, we arrived at the logo displayed above.

Additionally, we designed various materials, such as boxes, business cards, flyers, and more.

chouette couture business card.png

The next phase of the process revolved around researching available domain names and their pricing. To fortify our online presence, we procured multiple domains, including, .de, .fr, .us, and several others.

Additionally, we configured DNS settings, arranged hosting for the website, established email aliases, created user accounts, and implemented various security measures.

chouette couture main page

Additional requested features include:

  • Online store with a seamless shopping experience.

  • Detailed product pages enabling customers to make payments and place orders.

  • Configuration of analytics tools to track website performance.

  • Integration and setup of email services.

  • Implementation of multiple contact forms and newsletter subscription options.

  • SEO optimization for improved search engine visibility and integration with various social networks.

  • A mobile-responsive website design to ensure optimal viewing and functionality on mobile devices.

  • An English version of the website, ',' was created to accommodate international clients who may not be familiar with Romanian.

chouette couture product page


Gabriel Côme

We embarked on a project for this client, crafting a bespoke online store tailored to their niche market of vintage collector's watches. Alongside this, we undertook the creation of their distinctive logo and the definition of a coherent design language that would reflect their brand identity. In the end, this comprehensive approach culminated in the establishment of a compelling and fully-fledged online presence.

The site underwent the following:

  1. To ensure optimal viewing and functionality on mobile devices, we implemented a mobile-responsive website design.

  2. Detailed product pages were created, providing customers with the capability to place orders and make payments.

  3. We configured analytics tools to monitor and enhance website performance.

  4. Our services included the integration and setup of email services.

  5. We incorporated various contact forms and options for subscribing to newsletters.

  6. Enhancing search engine visibility through SEO optimization was part of our strategy, and we also integrated the website with various social networks.

  7. We established a seamless online store to deliver a user-friendly shopping experience.

logo gabriel come.png

We take immense pride in crafting the "About Us" page for Gabriel Côme, as it is a reflection of the core values that define the very essence of the company. At the heart of Gabriel Côme's philosophy are three distinct pillars of existence: Élégance Éternelle, Enduring Legacy, and Singularity. These pillars not only signify the values upon which the company stands but also represent its unwavering commitment to excellence.

It is an honor for us to bring these pillars to life on the "About Us" page, showcasing the very soul of Gabriel Côme and its dedication to these profound principles.

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